chairman's message

Chairman's Message

My aim as a chairman is to ensure quality education on egalitarian basis to all segments of the society. Quality education that in wider sense is encompassing literary, cultural, co curricular and extra curricular activities with particular emphasis on character and discipline.

It is my firm conviction that education is an all embracing activity, encompassing all aspects from classroom to Play – fields, from play – fields to pen and from pen to rostrum to produce such good, responsible citizens and leaders who are also aware of their religious obligations and social norms. I am committed to the development of students personality and character, so that they emerge as better human beings and enlightened individuals prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead and share the burden of their parents and their family, rather being a burden on them or on the society. 

To achieve the aim that I have initiated Alhamdulillah الحمد اللہ , We have provided a congenial atmosphere and conducive environment enabling our students to grow and flourish and to develop their potentials and talents in the right successful directions.

chairman mgs

Mr. zafar iqbal Hashmi

chairman Mission grammar school