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 Mission grammar school annual Function
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mission grammar school student
mission grammar school
Mission grammar school function
mission grammar school trip
mission grammar school trip
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About Mission grammar school

Mission Grammar School is an individually organized and managed institution. It was established in April 2005 to promote concept of imparting distinctive and meaningful learning to students according to modern traditional and Islamic values.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to prove a great asset to the society rather than becoming a burden on its meager resources. We aim at training the responsible citizens who will play positive and vital roles in the development of their country. So with aims to achieve high standards that demand up-to- date teaching skills and a range of challenging programs Mission Grammar School brings success within the reach of every student.

Mission Grammar School

Best Faculty

The academic staff of the school comprises of well qualified individuals. In order to facilitate the academic matters and to provide a better learning, a team of co-ordinators discuss the problems and gives its suggestions.Qualified teachers selected on merit necessarily go through a continuous training. Our training programs / workshops cover the technical academic aspects of the students and their spiritual and moral needs as well.

Academic Excellence

At the core of our mission is academic excellence. The strength of our curriculum and teaching method emphasis on nurturing every child’s natural love of learning with the support of building self-belief ,creativity and analytical thinking. We implement innovative, contemporary teaching practices and interactive learning to improve teaching & learning procedure and empowering individuals to succeed by getting high grades and remarkable results.

Character Building

Character Building according to Quran and Sunnah is our utmost priority.  MGS promotes core ethical and performance values to instill good character in students.MGS encourages students to develop morally and creates a challenging academic environment to help students develop character. Good character is also important for attaining success in life because it detemines to achieve one’s goals.

Events and Activities

Fun fair is one of the most popular school events. It brings the community together in a spirit of fun. Its a good resource for children to socialize with other children or people. They also get a chance to meet the parents and family members of their friends.

Annual Sirat un Nabi Conference

Our Campuses

11/296-B, Satellite Town, Sargodha
Ph: 048-3222217
Ph: 048-3252217
Zafarullah Chowk Satellite Town Sargodha
Ph: 048-3217204
Ph: 048-3252563
Main Road Farooq Calony Sargodha
Ph: 048-3217173
Ph: 0303-6000272