director's message

director mission grammar school

Mr. Muhammad javeed Hashmi

Director Mission grammar school

Director's Message

I am really grateful to Allah Almighty who blessed me to fulfill this great task of educating the nation builders in the most successful way according to modern, traditional, and Islamic values. Education is the pursuit that goes far beyond a qualification. Alhamdulillah Mission Grammar High School takes keen interest to nurture the creativity of the students being educated in the institute by providing an outlet and impetus to their faculties. MGS always endeavored to provide an ideal educational environment by way of well laid out campuses, a range of Co & extracurricular activities, and meticulously organized instructional strategies.

            It is an enormous social responsibility of educating thousands of children with the purpose of making them productive members of a global society.

  • I would like to share my vision of a student. In nutshell
  • I expect a student should have a sense of honor and integrity.
  • Be honest and sincere in pursuit of his goals.
  • Be respectful to his elders.
  • Display moral and physical courage.
  • Be organized and disciplined.
  • Be cheerful and proud of his teachers and the institution. 

By the grace of Almighty Allah, I on the behalf of MGS management and teaching staff, take this opportunity to reiterate that we will continue to work with a deep sense of commitment & devotion to meet the challenges of the future. IN Shah Allah.